November 08, 2008


I thought I'd also post the guacamole recipe I think I'll never forget, to go along with the margaritas.

you'll need:

ripe avocados -- at least 1 per person (always make more than you think you need)
red or white onion, chopped finely
fresh jalepeno, chopped finely (optional)
cilantro, chopped roughly
garlic, minced
fresh-squeezed lime juice

(all ingredients to taste)

dump everything in the bowl at once and mix only at the end. if you overmash the avocados they will get banana-y, so just stir it until evenly mixed. 

it can sit in the fridge with some tightly-wrapped saran wrap for a half hour or more, but feel free to skip this step and eat immediately on some blue corn chips.