March 30, 2008

grandma nettie's meatballs

Okay this is directly transcribed from an index card that I think my sister wrote when she was like 11. I haven't tried it yet, although it looks like it's leaving out some of the specifics (like, the actual cooking part is a bit vague).

All I remember about these meatballs is that my grandma would give me little pieces of the raw, ground meat mixture (with raw egg to boot!) to eat while she was cooking. Eek.

2 pounds of chopped meat
small end of hard, stale italian bread (3-4 inches long)
garlic powder (quarter teaspoon) or fresh garlic (1 piece?)
dash pepper
no salt (unless wanted)
parsley quarter teaspoon - or more
romano cheese to taste 1/2 cup altogether
1 egg

soak bread. tighten (take all water out). mix all ingredients into bowl. knead with hands.
add bread crumb, as much as neded. add cheese, optional.
knead 100 times. taste. add whatever is needed, and cheese.
after mixing, shape into meatballs 2x2, cook on medium heat until brown.